Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make Extra Money Previewing Movie Trailers

Earn money by completing fun theatrical assignments in your city. As a theater checker you will be paid to preview movie trailers, check on- screen movie ads and more at your local cinemas. You can earn from $30 or more just for previewing movie trailers at your local cinemas. These assignments take between 30-45 minutes to complete and pays a pre determined flat fee.
Types of theatrical assignments:
Trailer Checks;
You can make money by watching and writing down all the trailers shown on all screens before the assigned features. 
Seat Counts;
Seat counts involve visiting assigned theater to count only the seats in each auditorium that is showing the assigned features.
Open Check;
You visit selected theater to count numbers of patrons that attended show times of the assigned feature and also to collect box office information at the end of the day.
Blind Checks;
This assignment involves visiting selected theaters to secretly count all the patrons that attended all the show times of the assigned feature.
On-Screen Ad Checks; 
You get paid to visit assigned theater to check ads shown before the trailers of the assigned feature.  
Sneak Preview Evaluation;
You get paid to go to selected theater to watch sneak preview of feature not yet released including counting the number of patrons that attended, monitoring audience reaction, evaluating picture and sound quality.
Theater Lobby Checks;
You visits assigned theaters to check for promotional materials in the lobby and throughout the theater.
Audience Reaction Audits;
You visits selected theaters to watch specific trailers including monitoring the reactions of the audience.  At the end of the visit field agents usually calls in the information.
Job websites:
Theatrical Entertainment Services (VeriTES) is a member of the PSB Company and represents film studios, cinemas etc. VeriTES hires field representatives in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Assignments typically start on Friday evenings or throughout the day on Saturday or Sunday. You will be paid a predetermined flat fee that varies from assignment to assignment.
Market Force Information or 
Market Force Information hires independent contractors in the U.S, Puerto Rico and Canada to conduct variety of movie theater tasks. Payments are made via direct deposit or checks.


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